Thursday, 19 February 2015

CLE191 Addendum

WC-332KHz - White Rock, BC

From Neil (WØYSE):

 WG2XSV (experimental callsign) will be running a CW beacon on 475.475 kHz for this event.
​(​In fact it is already running as of 0001 UTC 20 Feb)​.

Power is ~1 watt ERP (+/- 1 dB) from SW Washington State.

Reports appreciated to wØyse [at] ARRL[dot] net

I'm sure Neil would be delighted to receive any heard reports from his weekend CW beacon. Remember that this CLE also covers the 630m band and CW beacons that may be operational there.

If you know of any other 630m CW beacons that will be activated, please let me know and I will post the information here.

Also, CLE reports may be mailed to either myself, the CLE Yahoo list or to Brain Keyte, CLE organizer. Brian's address is:

Reports should include your exact location (Lat/Long preferred or exact Gridsquare), your full name and e-mail address in case Brian needs to send an enquiry regarding your log.

The finer-details of CLE191 may be found in Wednesday's blog.

Lets hope conditions stay nice and quiet as they appear to be doing.


Anonymous said...

Steve, here is what I know, in addition to Neil at the moment:

Me, WG2XIQ, is on 474.5 CW at about 10 W ERP

Eric, WG2XJM, is currently running on 477 CW but its unclear if he will be QRV the entire weekend.

John WG2XKA, is on 473 CW and plan on being up all weekend.


John KB5NJD / WG2XIQ..

Anonymous said...

WA2XRM in CO will be on 479.9 CW 0100z - 0400z, Feb 21-23

Steve McDonald said...

Tnx John - keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

WE2XPQ in AK says he will be on 475.1 CW if no one has an objection.. will update this if something changes.

Anonymous said...

I plan to run the WD2XSH/12 transmitter on 475.0 kHz in beacon mode through the weekend, starting tonight; weather permitting...


Anonymous said...

WE2XGR/2 CW beacon 475.500 kHz on during hours of darkness ... wx and other factors permitting. Will
be happy to break for cw QSOs if any interest.


Anonymous said...

WG2XNI on 468 khz regular CW ( ~ 10 wpm ) starting around 0230 UTC.

Might QRT once in a while to listen.

Likely will only be tonight.

73 Mark WG2XNI / AB0CW

Anonymous said...

VE7BDQ just fired up on 474.00 cw beacon at 100w input.. may increase power and might be off at times.