Tuesday, 3 February 2015

CLE 'Listeners' Survey

The following message was sent to Yahoo Group's ndblist members early this morning, from Brian Keyte (G3SIA), CLE activity co-ordinator. Perhaps you are a member that doesn't get the mail or maybe a non-member that occasionally reads the group postings but missed the message. In any event, this short survey would help Brian to keep up with your ideas and activity when it comes to CLE planning. All that is needed is to 'copy and paste' the questionnaire into an email and send it to Brian's address, listed in the message.

I'm the chap who looks after our monthly Co-ordinated Listening Events (CLEs).

About 70 of our NDB List members have taken part in recent CLEs - and the other 550 members haven't. Only about 250 members have ever sent a CLE log (including all ex-members), so more than 300 current members haven't.

If you are one of the 300+, do you sometimes look at our monthly CLE results and maybe find bits of them interesting or useful?

This is NOT a sales pitch to try and make you take part, welcome though that would be! However, if several 'non-CLE' Members are finding the results helpful, I would like to know whether we might improve the way the results are presented to make them more understandable and more useful to our members generally?

If you are interested, it would help me if you could please reply DIRECT TO ME at ndbcle@gmail.com

Please just edit the 7 questions below to show your answers.

It will only take a few minutes.

I will keep your reply confidential and I will try to acknowledge all replies individually - there may be just yours or there might be 100 of them !!

(No replies from regular CLE-ers, please - many of them commented individually about CLEs generally in a recent Survey. Any changes would not devalue the results for CLE-ers themselves, of course)

1. How often have you found any individual listener's CLE log of interest?

Once or twice

2. How often have you looked at any of the CLE combined results?

Once or twice

3. (if any) Which results were of interest?

Tables, etc. in the emails sending the results
Tables, etc. in the Excel attachments
Tables, etc. in the CLE Archives

(accessed via our CLE Page http://www.ndblist.info/cle.htm )
Things in the 'Co-ordinator's Comments' emails after the events.

4. Did you find that the results needed further explanation?

Yes, sometimes
Yes, often
Yes, always

5. If 'Yes' how could they, or anything else, be improved?

6. Have you sent your own listening log(s) to NDB List?

Once or twice

7. Finally, please confirm that you are one of the 300+

I've never sent a CLE log
I've only sent 1 or 2 CLE logs


Brian Keyte

(CLE Co-ordinator)

(I'll have your email address to reply - no need to give your name or country if you'd rather not)

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