Monday 1 June 2015

Where's The Magic?

This is not what the 6m propagation map should be looking like at the start of June! So far, the 6m Sporadic-e (Es) season is MIA and usually by this time there have been some significant openings. Even the usual east-coast European slaughter has not yet started.

Most 6m diehards understand that the cause of summer Es is high-speed wind shear events, way up in the E layer region but a new theory suggests otherwise:

So come on folks, let's spark-up those barbecues and get 6m cooking once again!


Anonymous said...

Hopefully you've been on 6 today, a big opening at least here out on the east coast, only single hop stuff from my station but very strong signals.

Steve McDonald said...

I have but it's been spotty. Remember that VE7 is in the 6m blackhole of NA. I did work several 4's this morning in SC and Georgia...may be better tonight.