Monday 9 March 2015

State #29 On The BCB

Normally, 1660 KHz is dominated here by Spanish format KTIQ in Merced, California. I was surprised to tune past 1660 early on Saturday evening to hear Country & Western music. The top-of-hour ID was "Willie 1660 AM" who turned out to be KQWB in Fargo, North Dakota ... state #29 for me on the broadcast band! Not only was it dominating the frequency with an S9 +10db carrier, there were no other stations to be heard ... not even a whisper of KTIQ, normally heard weakly, even when looping to the east.


Their 5 tower array is evidently doing a good job, when  propagation favors the eastern path as the antenna pattern has a strong western component while nulling the east.


"... all country legends. This is a Taylor Swift-free zone, Willie at 1660 AM".

KQWB was logged at 0300Z (7 PM local time) using the 10' x 20' loop and Perseus SDR.


PE4BAS, Bas said...

Great to listen to the small sound piece you provided. BCL is a great hobby, tried it years ago but didn't really have the patience for it as most of the DX is in the middle of the night. But did read great DX stories in the past. Yours does remind me of all these stories. 73, Bas

Vasily Ivanenko said...

Ok -- awesome ---my fave == BCB DX. Nice haul OM.

Not sure about a T-S-free zone, but what would I know?!

Good job Steve
Todd from VE7land