Monday, 30 March 2015

RTL SDR Filters


DXer John Bellini in Colorado, and maker of those informative Low Noise Vertical videos, has been at it again.

This time it's a good demonstration of a pair of filters that he built to mitigate the front end overload experienced on his SDR receiver.

John is one of many radio hobbyists that have been playing with the very inexpensive RTL 2832 SDR dongle receiver. Being very close to several high-powered broadcast stations has been a bit problematic for him when using the low cost SDR but his new video shows exactly what was needed at his location to solve the problem:

It looks like John is using the SDR Sharp GUI (graphical interface) to operate the dongle SDR receiver. Those wishing to learn more about this might find this 'getting started' page of interest.

Good stuff John.

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