Thursday, 27 April 2017

LF / MF Antenna Planning

courtesy: Chuck Roblin

For U.S. amateurs, the 2200 and 630m bands will soon be a reality and I have no doubt that there will be an accompanying surge in interest among large numbers of homebrewers and low band diehards.

It should be an exciting time as new stations gradually start to populate the band from coast to coast.

High on the 'to do' list will be the planning and building (or modifying) of a suitable antenna system for the band(s) of choice. For most, this will be new territory, but the reality is that there has been a long tradition of operation in the LF and MF bands in the U.S. for many years ... all under the Part 15 'Lowfer' and 'Medfer' service.

Although activity in this category has fallen off over the years due to the availability of the much less-restrictive Part 5 experimental licences, there is still a great legacy of literature and information left behind that is every bit as useful today as it was back in the golden years of Lowfer operations.

Here is one such document from Stephen McGreevy's Natural ELF-VLF Radio website that many newcomers to these bands may find very helpful as it covers a wide variety of LF antenna-related basics in a down-to-earth manner.

An even more detailed treatise on virtually all aspects of LF and MF antenna topics is that found on Rik, ON7YD's website. His antenna pages can be found here. Although originally developed for the 2200m band, the principles are equally applicable to 630m as well.

Hopefully both of these sources will help you decide how to get a working antenna system up and running on the new bands. And as always, much help is available via the Internet on the Lowfer Reflector, the RSGB LF reflector or on the 600MRG Reflector.


John VE3IPS said...

Seems 30 years lster Steve I finally find articles on 1750m antennas by Mitchel Lee and Michael Mideke

Thanks for the links

I still have my Ralph Burhan antennas that did a wonderful job digging out beacons

I am excited with the new experimentation going on in the low bands

John ve3ips

Steve McDonald said...

Nice to hear from you John and I hope that we can work on 630m one of these days. Are you QRV at all? Ralph, Mike and Mitchell were all pioneers on the LF Lowfer band and made large contributions that have largely been forgotten now ... hopefully some others will benefit once again for their good work.

Steve 73