Monday, 1 February 2021

A 5763 Crystal Power Oscillator For the Neophyte Regen


I've just added a new page to my main website, 'The VE7SL Radio Notebook' that describes the recent construction and operating adventures with the small companion transmitter built to pair with my NEOPHYTE REGEN. I may have worked several of you with the pair already and if so, many thanks. I hope to work the rest of you soon!


Unknown said...

thank you Steve .... you give us "food" for construction .

Anonymous said...

Steve, what first caught my eye in your article was the 5763 tube. If memory serves me correctly, that was the final tube used in my Lafayette Comstat 25A CB rig from the '60's. That was a great CB rig, and I had a lot of fun with it back then. Anyway, what a great matching pair for 40m cw you have there Steve! Kudos to you on the project, as well as the contacts made with it. Thumbs up to you. :-)

Steve McDonald said...

Thank you Anonymous for the kind comments! You're most likely right on that Lafayette using the 5763 as it would be the perfect tube for something like that.