Sunday, 13 March 2016

PAØRDT Miniwhip Shakedown Continues

Those of you that have been following the recent set of four YouTube videos posted in my recent PAØRDT Miniwhip Shakedown blog, regarding the care and feeding of the PAØRDT active e-probe antenna, may be interested in a fifth video in the series, posted by Mike in the U.K.

PAØRDT's recent modification of the isolating transformer, in the miniwhip coupling unit, provides much better immunity to common mode noise-coupling in the HF bands. Mike shows the installation and operation of the new unit along with some additional grounding out at the antenna.

Those of you that are looking for a possible solution to relatively good reception on LF or on the 630m band, might find the answer with a carefully thought out installation such as the one shown in Mike's video series.

Although living in the suburbs often means dealing with a lot of noise, particularly on LF / MF, Mike's system shows that excellent low noise reception is indeed possible. It is important to 'probe' your backyard with the antenna itself in order to find the quietest location for installation.

More information on the PAØRDT miniwhip and other low-noise LF / MF antennas may be found in previous blogs here.

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