Thursday 21 January 2016

What Mode Is That?

'JT-9' - courtesy:

A recent link posted on the ON4KST 2200/630m chat page brought up a very helpful web site.

The  Sigidwiki site lists examples of the various transmission modes being used from LF to UHF, along with examples of what these signals look like on a waterfall display.

With the proliferation of digital modes found on-the-air today, it's often fairly baffling, trying to figure out what you are hearing. The main database page contains a staggering 272 different identified modes of transmitting information, in one way or another ... no wonder it's hard to keep track!

Clicking on any of the modes will bring up more details about the mode, sometimes with links to the decoding software and further reading.

'PICCOLO' - courtesy:

I'm sure there are more that aren't on the list (is WSPR there or did I just miss it?) but it's still an impressive and helpful collection for those that use a waterfall display on their receivers.

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Unknown said...

The Krypto500 is very useful tool in categorizing more than 3000 signaling system.