Thursday 15 January 2015

Lightwave Article From 'TCA'

VE7SL Backyard Test
I have recently received permission from Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC), our national organization similar to the ARRL, to post a copy of an article that I wrote for their bimonthly journal, 'The Canadian Amateur'. I have posted a link to the article on my main web index page..."A West Coast Lightwave Project", which describes the building and operating adventure, shared with Markus, VE7CA. This link will also take you to the page.


Greg said...

Fascinating stuff! I will go through my junk box to see if I can put together the G3XBM receiver. I believe I actually may have a couple of the BPW34s kicking about. Where did you source the Fresnel Lenses from?


Steve McDonald said...

Hi Greg - See Footnote #4 (3d lens) [] in the article regarding the source. The last time I checked, they didn't have any but you may want to drop them an e-mail and ask as they sometimes don't keep the website up-to-date from what I see. I also see a number of them on e-bay although you have to be careful and check all of the specs. If you read Clint's excellent notes regarding fresnels you can be on the lookout for the proper pitch (groove) spacing as well as the best focal length. I see a few other manufacturers selling some that look like good candidates on this page:

but check that you can buy just one unit and not 1000 only!

Maybe others can comment. Stay away from overhead projector fresnels however.

Feel free to e-mail me directly if I you need any more info.

Steve / 73

Greg said...

My apologies. I was trying to work and read your excellent article at the same time and I never made it to the bottom before commenting! Rather embarrassing. Thanks!