Tuesday 23 December 2014

Japanese Amateurs To Get 630m!

Courtesy: http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/sapporo50w

Add Japan to the growing number of countries now allowing their radio amateurs access to the 630m band. A recent note from JA8JPO and others,  indicates that JA stations will have access to the band as of January 5th, 2015. Operation on their new band however, comes with a  few provisos.

Operations on 630m will be permitted at 1W EIRP, not as high as some jurisdictions, but adequate for plenty of exciting experimentation and for some DX opportunity. Additionally, there can be no operation if there is a house or an office within a 200m radius of the station, unless it is owned by the station operator. This restriction can be lifted if permission from the home or property owner is received. As well, the station will be subject to inspection by Telecom authorities before the licence is granted. No reason for these additional caveats have been offered as of yet but JA amateurs speculate that it may be for fear of disruption (by radiated harmonics) to broadcast-band reception or with possible interruptions to ADSL modems, still commonly used in rural Japan....time will tell.

In the meantime, it is reported, that hundreds of excited amateurs in Japan are now readying their stations for two-way 630m work, happy to have the band under any restrictions...if only the same level of excitement were seen among Canadian amateurs for their new band!

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