Friday 6 June 2014

K0GU and the Magic

K0GU in Colorado demonstrated, once again, why 6m is so affectionately called 'the magic band'. Jay was hearing no signals at all on six on Wednesday morning, June 4th, but being a veteran 50MHz DXer, he did notice a weak video signal on 49.750KHz coming from over the pole. Until recently, when most TV stations worldwide switched to digital and abandoned the low band VHF range, TV video carriers were great propagation indicators for possible intercontinental propagation. Being right next to the band's edge, their distinctive raspy video carriers were often the precursor (and just as often 'not') to some interesting propagation. Sadly, almost all of these prop indicators are now gone, save for a few in Russia and in the middle east.

With that in mind, Jay sent a few CQ's with his beam pointing over the North Pole and at 1543Z he heard a weak reply on 50.102 CW. It was JY9FC in Amman, Jordan! What was even more remarkable was the simplicity of JY9FC's station and antenna...100W and a 2el wire beam!

6m 2el Wire Yagi at JY9FC

With many years of 6m DX under his belt, it takes something pretty unusual to get K0GU excited but this was one of those moments:

"He is not very strong but hanging in. Thanks all, I'm shaking like crazy and that doesn't happen often these days."

Amman, Jordan (courtesy Google Maps)
Is it no wonder, when the only signal on the band was from Amman....pure magic!

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Unknown said...

Wow! Great story about K0GU. We are now in the Sept ARRL VHF contest and K0GU and I (W5PR) have been "seeing" each other on 6m FT8 on PSK reporter almost continuously. I became curious about K0GU's antennas for 6 meters. Chuck, W5PR