Tuesday, 16 May 2023

CLE 292 Needs Your Input

In preparation for something never done before in a CLE, the organziers are asking for your input. See their quest below. I will post the usual 'Hunting For NDBs..." blog outlining all of the rules in a few days but in the meantime, please see if you can help and hopefully participate in the monthly activity.

 Dear Beacon Listener


Joachim and I (Brian) are asking for your help!

We would like to know which active NDB is your NEAREST and which two others are also of special interest to you. 


Maybe you have visited the site of one or more NDBs or you have other special reasons to remember them.

Everyone is invited to send us their own three ‘votes’, so we hope to have a large number of special NDBs to listen for during the coming coordinated listening event (CLE). 

Your choices, with everyone else’s, will decide all of the NDBs in the Seeklist for the event. 

This is our FIRST  ‘YOU-CHOOSE’ CLE (and it will probably be our last!).


You do NOT have to listen yourself in our 292nd CLE (26-29 May) though everyone will be very welcome to send a log if they want to -  but you will probably be interested in the results, showing who logged your own chosen NDBs and from where.


Please send your choices during the next 7 days to ndbcle@ndblist.info (that email address sends only to us, your Listening Event Coordinators Joachim and Brian)

Please help us by using the following format for your votes:


       NDB1: (your nearest?)  Ident:  ABC  345 kHz   Location1        

Ideally, your 3 choices should be NDBs in your own Radio Country,  

       NDB2:                              Ident:  DEF   543 kHz   Location2      

or in ones that share a land border with it.

       NDB3:                              Ident:   GH   432 kHz   Location3        

(e.g. If listening from Oregon, try to choose from OR, WA, ID, NV and CA)

You can find our list of all the Radio Countries at:

          Chosen by (your name):   eg  Brian Keyte


                 Your Radio Country:   eg  ENG                                               

                  I can be identified:        *YES / NO                                      

Joachim or I will send an acknowledgment for your ‘votes (see below)   to your sending email address.

 (If someone has already nominated one of your NDBs - unlikely? - we’ll invite you to choose an alternative)

 *The CLE results will NOT show who nominated any of the NDBs.

 However, in the Coordinators’ Comments afterwards we’ll probably mention some of the interesting reasons why NDBs were chosen.

 Please choose NO above if you would NOT want to be identified there.

 For those who also want to listen during the Event, we’ll send the CLE292  EARLY ADVICE  to NDB List in a few days.  That will be followed, after the ‘voting’, by our FINAL DETAILS, including the seeklists showing all of the chosen NDBs.

If there is anything you need more advice about, or if you have any other comments, please feel free to email the two of us at ndbcle@ndblist.info



  Joachim and Brian


Chuck Till said...

There are only 30-35 NDBs left in the continental U.S. with a transmit power of 100 watts or more. Both the boomers nearest me (CLB and DIW) are off the air. The FAA is constantly decommissioning NDBs. Between this and the ever-rising noise floor, it is getting very difficult to DX NDBs.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn’t doubt that Chuck although the 25 watters can bang-in pretty good at the right time of the year. I used to hear OO in Oshawa, Ontario, back here in BC fairly regularly and the guy that maintains it srnt me a photo taken of its power output meter showing 7.5W … the magic of radio still has its hold on me even as these NDB slowly go away.