Sunday, 4 October 2020

The 2020 Fall "Classic Exchange"

W7OS - Radio Club of Tacoma working the CX

This fall's running of the Phone "Classic Exchange" will take place on Sunday, October 18 and on Tuesday, October 20. The CW "Classic Exchange", takes place on Sunday, November 1st and on Tuesday, November 3rd.

The "CX" encourages participants to use older vintage gear including any homebrew equipment, both receivers and transmitters. A unique scoring system provides bonus points for various equipment and combinations as well as encouraging 'repeat contacts' when you switch to different equipment. Some of the the CX's previous participants are shown here.

W8KM and his wonderful vintage station

No vintage gear? ... no problem! All amateurs are invited to participate and get in on the fun no matter what they are using and submit their scores.

K3MD's Heathkit AT-1 and Hallicrafters HT-37 

The CX is a low-key relaxing affair and the 'extra' Tuesday operating period should encourage a lot of midweek activity from the vast numbers of retired operators who cherish and run older gear.

Lots of combos ready at W4BOH

K6ZI, Las Vegas - WWII ARC-5s ready to go

This year's event includes a new real-time chat page where participants can announce their operating frequencies or make skeds. For complete details, check out the rules here.

If you've never entered the Classic Exchange, why not give it a try this year as it truly is a case of  'the more the merrier' ... and eastern operators, make sure to keep the porch light on for us out west!

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