Thursday, 3 November 2016

Worldwide SDR's Online

The University of Victoria online SDR from
A posting today on Yahoos' ndblist Group by Geir, LA6LU, pointed to a list of online SDR receivers at various locations around the globe. I have seen similar lists like this in the past, only to be disappointed when finding many of the receivers impossible to get operating or arriving at a dead link. This list appears to be up-to-date as a quick check of four random receivers saw all four come to life quickly!

The site is run by Andras Retzler, the author of the OpenWebRX software that enables these SDR's to be made seamlessly available online through your web browser. Since all of the sites use the same software, all receivers appear the same, thus providing a very short operational learning curve. At the time of this posting, there were 76 online SDRs, a number that fluctuates slightly throughout the day. Conveniently, the site also indicates how many users are currently using any individual receiver.

I can think of several very handy uses of such a resource, from checking your own on-air signal to confirming, in real time, a suspected DX catch that you might be hearing from your own location. You may even be interested in putting your own SDR online for others to share. It really is a very useful resource and while there, check out the rest of Andras's interesting site.

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