Friday 3 April 2015

New MOPA Completed

Well ... my new 1930's style MOPA transmitter is finally finished after several months of construction. I have also put together a page on my website describing the project.

For many years, December's high winds here on the coast, have always arrived coincidentally with the start of the annual 1929 QSO Party, making my signal dance around even more than usual! With the new MOPA, I'll no longer have to worry about high winds upsetting signal stabilty ... although many of us do enjoy hearing these musical sounds of '29!

By the way, there's still plenty of time for you also, to put something together for this annual fun event. You can see a whole page-full of inspiring '29 homebrew magic here (scroll to the bottom half) ... and there is plenty of help available for your project in the AWA Yahoo Builders Group ... we are always looking for more new activity, particularly here out west.

The new MOPA uses two type '10 tubes (like many, I use the war-time type '10 equivalent, the more affordable VT-25), one as a Hartley oscillator and the other as a Class-C final amplifier.

I'm looking forward to working many of you in the next '29 QSO Party ... in the meantime, I'm thinking hard about what my next project might be!


Anonymous said...

Mighty fine looking work of art .. geez I wonder if I could use a Hartley single tube oscillator to drive my push pull 45 tubes..

Steve McDonald said...

Yes! I think a Hartley at around 400V would have no trouble generating enough drive for your P-P 45s.

Markus Hansen said...

An amazingly, beautifully crafted replica of a 1929 two stage CW Transmitter. Congratulations on a job well done Steve

Markus VE7CA