Wednesday 4 March 2015

More Low Noise Vertical Info

MW DXer, John Bellini in Colorado, has recently posted another interesting set of YouTube videos describing the mechanical construction and operation of his cool, and somewhat stealthy, Low Noise Vertical (LNV) as well as his phaser in action against some IBOC and local blowtorch signals.

His use of the phaser is particulary interesting. Here he demonstrates what two LNV's can do when phased correctly. The second antenna being used is one of his wire LNV's located further back in the yard.

The first video shows phasing against local IBOC crud.

The second video shows the phaser in use to knock down the sideband hash from a strong local (KOA) signal, 25 miles away.

For those that like to DX in real time (unlike those using SDR overnight samplings), the phaser has much to offer.

The one being used in the videos is the Quantum Phaser and more information about it may be found here.

More on phasers next time.


hg said...


great article! Thank you for sharing.


Steve McDonald said...

Thanks for your comment hg. I really think John has done a great job with his videos! Very inspiring.

Cheers, Steve

Anonymous said...

agreed! These are great videos Steve & when planning future wire antennas here...definitely want to put up vertical wire at least 40' long to use with Quantum Phaser & Quantum QX Pro v3 loop. I already have these runs of 9913/50 ohm co-ax out there - putting 1 of these to use with a 9:1 matching transformer should do the trick

73 Mike VE7SKA

Anonymous said...

Should be a killer set up Mike!!