Saturday 22 November 2014

630m Resources - Part 1

If you're thinking about getting something going for our new 630m band, the following web resources may be of help to you.

There are a couple of 630m transmitters available on the commercial market that I know of.

JUMA , in Finland, offers the TX500, an extremely well engineered 60W Class D CW transmitter in kit form.

JUMA TX500 Transmitter:
From Australia, VK3XDK offers the LF/HF TransverterV2, a linear mode transmitter. Available in prebuilt form only, the transmitter claims 12W output when supplied with 13.8VDC. Various IF's are available. The transmitter uses SMT construction and is well-documented on the VK3XDK website.

(Note: since posting this blog 2 years ago, VK3XDK's website is no longer present, so I am not sure if he is still able to provide this item)

VK3XDK Linear Transverter:

From the U.S.A., WA3ETD offers a Class D transverter (non-linear) in either prebuilt or kit form.
At 13.2VDC, an output of 19-22W is claimed from the single FET final amplifier. Full details can be viewed here.

MF Solutions Transverter:
For the homebrewer, the new band presents many possibilities. Two of the most popular designs are the G3XBM 472kHz transverter and the GW3UEP Class-E CW transmitter.

Roger's (G3XBM) has been widely reproduced in the UK and makes a nice way to get on the band on CW or with WSPR. Although the final amplifier is non-linear, with a little experimentation, it could be put into a linear mode for PSK or the JT modes. Perhaps that is what M1GEO did, as his video shows the transverter being used on SSB.

M1GEO's Homebrew Version of the G3XBM Xvrtr
The other fine design is that of GW3UEP (Rog) and has been widely reproduced with good results. My own experience with this design was described here in an earlier blog. Here is EIØCF's version of Rog's design.

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